Warehouse and Logistics Floors

Most often, warehouse floors should be dry, clean and dust free.

They should be non-slip for forklifts and people alike.

Warehouse floors should be flat and smooth, and joints should be level and filled.

Floor colour should be light and with some reflection – reducing the need for expensive lighting.

Floor markings should be clear and should not chip off or blacken.

Floor materials and markings must be able to withstand heavy forklift traffic, trucks and other vehicles.

Areas where people move should be clearly marked out for safety eg walkways, crossings etc.

Surface must be easy to clean and should not absorb liquid or chemical spills, oil leaks etc

And new floors must be installed with minimal interruption to operations.


Bonded can install floors and coatings that easily meet all of these criteria and more.


Of course, every operation is different, so we tailor the floor to your needs, design it with you, and install it with the least possible interference with you business processes.