Road Coatings


Bonded Flooring Solutions works for several councils and contractors with specialist surfaces for road and pedestrian traffic. These products mostly fall into 4 categories:

Road Plate Treatments (including manhole and other direct-to-steel coatings)

High Friction Coatings

Bridge Decking and Concrete Protection


Concrete areas on roads benefit greatly from the protection of a sealed surface coat that can be aggressively anti-slip and several millimetres thick, or a penetrative clear sealant to help withstand the elements.


In particular, Bonded’ sealed surfaces are used on bridge decking. Not only does the coating protect the concrete from wear, oil spills, and the elements; it prevents water ingress into the concrete, through to the structural steel underneath.

Water held in the concrete stays in contact with the bridge metalwork for days, even weeks, after rainfall and begins to damage all but the finest-grade steel over time. Seal the surface of the concrete and take the water direct to drainage, and the steel underneath is safe.


The coating can be installed with a shear key under bitumen, or under a high-friction surface of your choosing, for high-impact zones where shear forces from vehicles accelerating and braking are strongest.


Demarcation and Decoration
Bonded has a wide range of coloured aggregates and coatings with the durability to withstand traffic as long as any highway surface. These are used for everything from bus lanes and cycle lanes to thresholds, speed bumps, crossings, road markings and central reservations.

Bonded can make almost any surface tougher, and while we’re there we can change the colour to mark out special purpose traffic zones, and make the road feel different to the driver to emphasise changes in speed or direction.