Expansion Joints Treatments

Expansion joints are the least appreciated parts of any floor – but it is critical to get them right.


Neglected, expansion joints are often the first places to go wrong, leading to:

  • Concrete cancer
  • Homes for pests
  • Bacterial breeding grounds
  • Concrete cracking
  • Crumbling slab edges
  • Starting points for contamination
  • Trip hazards
  • Pot-holes and bumps: forklift hazards

Bonded has a wide range of expansion joint treatments for concrete floors, metal platforms, plate and machinery fittings, wall-to-floor joints as well as cracks in concrete and other materials.


We clean out all the existing mastic, fillers, foam, dirt and detritus before applying the right long-term fix for your operation. Mastics are only the beginning: epoxy/polyurethane hybrids, fabric/cement seal sheets, and many other options allow us to eliminate your expansion joint problems.


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