Liquid Membranes
All membranes are designed to protect the substrate below from water and fluid ingress.

The benefit of liquid applied membranes is the ability to protect the whole surface by covering all contours of the surface below.

Liquid applied membranes can be hand applied or sprayed and have the added benefit of remaining semi flexible so substrates with movement ( steel roofs etc ) remain protected as the expand and contract.


Acid Resistant Membranes
Acid resistant membranes are used in areas that require and spills or leaks to be contained, these are usually bunded areas where chemicals are stored are the chemicals are being used in processing and could be lost.

Depending on the type of chemical the substrate is being protected from there are a range of membranes specifically designed to contain any accidents or chemical loss.

These membranes are either hand applied or sprayed depending on the level of protection required.