Epoxy Flooring

Epoxies are used in many of our floors, including roll-coats, self levellers, chemical-resistant coatings and non-slip finishes. However, traditionally epoxy flooring refers to a thick mix of epoxy resin and aggregates, applied by trowel or screed at a depth of 5mm to 50mm and more.


For years this has been the floor coating of choice for high-usage manufacturing environments: beverage production, meat processing, bottling plants, logistics operations and many more. The materials’ properties are ideal for heavy traffic, varying acidity, wet and hygiene-critical environments.


Some site managers have been turned off this type of flooring in recent years – mostly, it seems, a result of bad experiences with failed floors. This is almost always due to poor Surface Preparation, low-grade materials, or a contractor trying to save money by laying the floor too thin (leading to structural weakness and no capacity for wear over time) or too ‘dry’ (insufficient resin binders leave the floor porous and weak).


Bonded has the materials, the experience and the commitment to laying this sort of floor properly. When epoxy flooring is done right, it remains one of the toughest, most versatile, longest lasting solutions available, and the reality of many years of uninterrupted operations is priceless in many production environments.


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