Concrete Repairs


The modern world is built on concrete, however, through age and lack of protection, the best-laid concrete can suffer.

Bonded Flooring Solutions offers epoxy, grout, polyurethane, cement and other material repairs for concrete that has cracked, crumbled, worn, pitted and worse.


Several customers have presented us with large areas where oil, coolants, grease, solvents and acids have eaten into their concrete and broken it down until the grease was all that was holding it together – Bonded Flooring Solutions remove the contaminated areas, sometimes back to the reinforcing steel, and built up a new, chemical resistant surface.


Others come to us with cracks that are starting to widen, jolting forklifts and causing hygiene problems. Bonded Flooring Solutions has crack fillers and self-levelling materials to eliminate all trace of the original damage.