High Friction

Anti-Slip Surfaces are usually created with an aggregate protruding from a base coat of resin, adhesive or cement, and are designed to prevent slips for pedestrians and the reduction of traction for machinery and vehicular traffic


Bonded also offer High Friction Surfacing – anti-slip surfacing taken to extremes.


Buses and trucks accelerate and brake on the slopes of bridges and hills – and drop oil, diesel, and rubber shreds all over the surface.


Container lifters and loading trucks battle slopes loading Ro-ro ships at ports on steel ramps – often covered in oil or sea-spray.


Cars start and finish their flat, smooth journeys at car-parks with tight, steep ramps, exerting high shear forces on concrete and rapidly wearing it smooth.


Tow-trucks and low loaders haul all manner of machinery up steel ramps.


Steel plates cover trenches on roads under 10,000’s of vehicles a day on motorways and roads around our cities.


High-Friction Surfacing uses advanced, durable resins with high shear resistance and excellent adhesion to hold the toughest of aggregates in place under the heaviest traffic imaginable.


Whatever your environment – roads, ports, mines, steel ramps – a solution can be engineered to meet your needs.