Anti-Slip Solutions

Australian Standard Slip-Rated Surfaces

Australian Standards quantify the slip-resistance of surfaces using two systems that give a numerical value. This value represents the ‘Notional Contribution of the Floor Surface to the Risk of Slipping’ under wet and dry conditions.


See our page on Slip Testing for further information on slip testing and rating.


Bonded has considerable experience with both the theory of slip-rated surfaces, and the practicalities of installing floors to meet standards.


When you approach us for a quote or advice, we will consider:

  • The appropriate Standard for the area;
  • Conflicts with other standards and regulations (eg safety vs. GMP requirements);
  • Cleaning methods, schedules, chemicals;
  • Slip / accident history;
  • Contaminants not covered by the Standards;
  • Liabilities and your obligations to meet safety standards;
  • Possible insurance and other savings.

Basic Anti-Slip measures are not necessarily difficult to install, and could save your organisation considerably in legal liabilities – or just in insurance premiums.


What can be harder is working out which Standards you need to comply with, and how to design a surface that complies and works with your other operations.