Health, Hygiene and Safety Flooring

Industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, meat and poultry, dairy products, breweries, wineries and many others have special requirements from their flooring, however they all have the common need for floors that do not produce dust, don’t crumble and are easy to clean.


As well as meeting your safety standards, floors in these environments must help with cleanliness and hygiene to pass HACCP requirements. Codex Alimentarius, the Food Standards Authority, and many others dictate guidelines for flooring.


Bonded has considerable experience in working to meet and exceed these standards. Falls to waste, coved wall/floor boundaries,bunded areas, sealing off ‘haven for pests,’ and seamless floors are all available. Some of the materials we use even have microbe growth inhibitors incorporated into their properties.


We work through the safety and hygiene standards and other issues relating to your specific area before quoting, so you know what we provide offers all the compliance you need from your new floor.